Red grapes

The unique grape variety of our Châteauneuf du Pape and César cuvées, Grenache noir, is the king of the Domaine and is found in all our red cuvées. From the oldest strains, planted in goblets on the northern slope, to the last twenty years old plantations, Grenache brings body, elegance and finesse to our wines.

The Syrah is planted in Buisson and Visan, and brings a beautiful freshness in the wines. Syrah is in the blend of Tradition, Nature, Visan and Marius Cuvées. it is the ideal companion for Grenache.

Carignan sur Buisson and Mourvèdre planted in Visan represent confidential productions that can be found in Tradition cuvées.

In 2019 and 2020, the vineyard was enriched with plots of Cinsault and Counoise. We can’t wait to see them go into production and bring new fruity aromas

White grapes

Grenache, the signature grape of the Southern Rhône, gives this cuvée its excellent minerality. It dominates our white grape variety. It brings minerality, freshness and beautiful citrus aromas.

Another grape variety, Viognier, on our north-facing terroir, brings fat and floral notes to our cuvées, without heaviness, while lightness

A confidential production of Clairette enriches our Tradition cuvée, accompanied by Bourboulenc, the last grape variety to arrive at the Domaine (2016). They reveal floral and fresh fruit notes.

Vendanges et vinifications ….

The white grapes are harvested in crates, sorted and refrigerated before being pressed to respect all the aromas and minerality of the terroir.

At the domaine we follow the custom of vinifying and ageing each plot separately in order to ensure the development of their individual characters. Locally-present yeasts contribute all the aromas of the terroir during alcoholic fermentation. Daily tasting takes place throughout the process to ensure production of wines that are both balanced and complex.

No chemical additives are applied. Only sulphur is used – with moderation – except in our cuvée “Nature” which has no sulphur added!

The natural balance and structure obtained through biodynamics require little punching down. These are done gently, manually.