Three Terroirs … Three Identities

AOP Côtes du Rhône et Côtes du Rhône Villages Vaison La Romaine

This family vineyard is located on the north-facing slope of the Rasteau and Cairanne hillside, at an altitude of 180 to 250 metres, with north-east/north-west exposure. The terroir owes its existence to the geological upheaval resulting from the creation of the Alps during the Tertiary and Quaternary periods from 23.5 million to 80,000 years ago. 

These very complex soils are composed of clay and limestone earth covered by pebbles of marine and alluvial origin. The natural vegetation, which contributes to the aromatic complexity of the wines, includes many species – Aleppo pine, white oak, viburnum, boxwood, rosemary, dogwood, thyme…

AOP Côtes du Rhône Villages Visan

This vineyard, which originally belonged to my grandmother, is located to the west of the village of Visan, at an altitude of 140 metres in the heart of the garrigue. 

The soil origins date from the alluvial terraces of the Würmian period in the fourth ice age of the Quaternary period, 80,000 years ago. 

It is very arid, and is composed of more than 60% stones.  On this clay-limestone sandy  terroir we have planted Grenache on the soils with red-brown colouration and  Syrah on the dark brown  soils.

The vines are surrounded by natural vegetation including green oaks, white and flammula clematis, dogwood, hawthorn, thyme, madder…

AOP Châteauneuf du Pape

A small vineyard plot in the prestigious area of Chateauneuf du Pape, called Pied de Baud. The sandy soils are renowned for producing Chateauneuf du Pape of tremendous length, elegance and finesse.