Diversity, Commitment, Respect

A family history …

It was in 1998, with the construction of the winemaking and maturing cellars, that the Domaine Roche-Audran was created. The winery stands proudly in an area of preserved woodland at the foot of the Buisson vineyard, on land cultivated by our family for five generations.

Today the estate extends over 50 hectares where 35 hectares of vines, 5 hectares of olive and lavender trees and 10 hectares of oak and pine woods come together. The vineyard is thus spread over the terroirs of Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Vaison La Romaine and Visan with vines aged from 1 year, for new plantations, to around 100 years, for the oldest.


A committed and certified approach

Very early on, Vincent was convinced that it was essential to preserve this privileged environment. This is how he converted the entire estate to Organic Agriculture and then to Biodynamics. All wines and cultures are thus certified by Ecocert and Demeter.

Out of respect for mankind, for our health, for the natural character of our vineyard and in order to maximise the pure expression of these fabulous terroirs through our wines, we use only natural products. This approach enables us to maintain the fertility of the soils and to protect our vines and the nature surrounding them.

To the end, we initiated the use of Biodynamic practices in spraying in 2006. From that time, all of the work carried out in our vineyard and in the winery has followed cosmic rhythms.

Vincent Rochette

The diversity of the surrounding natural vegetation, the cultivation of olive tress and lavender, the production of honey and the grazing of our own horses in the winter months provide additional energy and contribute to the harmony of our ecosystem.