Cultivate with respect for the Land

From the start, Vincent understood the harmfulness of pesticides and ruled out their use. With conventional agriculture increasingly confronted with depletion of soils  and a growing dependence on fertilisers and phytosanitary products, we rapidly embraced Biodynamics  as we developed the domaine.

For all the tasks required in the vineyard and in the production of the wines, Biodynamics takes account of  the constellations of the planets in order to maximise effectiveness.  At Domaine Roche-Audran, every activity is synchronised to a lunar calendar which is specific to each vintage. This calendar enables us to determine which days are most favourable for flowers, for leaves, for fruit and for roots. In addition, we regularly apply specific biodynamic treatments based on minerals (horn silica), plants (Yarrow, Dandelion, Nettle…) and cow dung. These spray treatments stimulate fertility and the life of the soil; the growth of the plant and its resistance to disease.

Diversity reflects the health of the land: the rich natural local vegetation and the variety of flora give a specific character and aromatic complexity to our wines.

The cultivation of olive trees and lavender, the production of honey and the grazing of our own horses in the winter months provide additional energy and contribute to the harmony of our ecosystem. The animals are considered as our partners. 

This biodiversity, the enrichment of the soil during the winter by adding organic compost, regular plowing contributes to healthy biological life, a source of health and productivity for our vineyard.

The global objective of biodynamics and of our approach is the generation, the preservation, and especially the perpetual growth of the life force of plants and the land on which they grow.